We truly Love to teach and we do our best to be open and honest with every single student who comes to us. Here are just a few reviews from our latest Root and bud workshop in Worcester, Massachusetts. 


The Root & Bud Workshop was a truly amazing experience for me. I’ve always known Sarah and Elise to be amazing photographers and artists, their work showcases their talent in every way but at this workshop I learned that this is because they are truly, honestly amazing women! They share a very inspiring bond with one other and their energy is magnetic. With a very successful partnership business in addition to booming individual businesses I felt so honored for them to share EVERYTHING with us. They were transparent, authentic and an open book when it came to sharing their secrets and skills. I walked away from this workshop with a ton of new knowledge a feeling of empowerment. Sarah and Elise genuinely want to share what they have with others .This is what our industry needs, photographers loving on photographers, women helping women, and more Sarah and Elise’s.

– Regina Tetreault


The Root & Bud Workshop was a day that left me feeling inspired and ready to follow my own passion. Watching Elise and Sarah talk about what inspires them, the way they work together, and the way they encourage families to be their own comfortable selves while working with light to make them look and feel beautiful is amazing. Their genuine-ness and love for this art is amazing and evident. They were willing to share anything and everything, and through tangible tips were able to help all of the participants. I think the best part about the workshop was that everyone could take away something a little bit different - there was talk of business, of light, of technical information... something for everyone - and certainly a day I will never forget. Thanks Sarah and Elise for doing what you do - supporting other women photographers and loving your families so hard that its evident in everything you do!

Lauren Reynolds Kirkham