Michelle & Teddy plus their four babies | "I Carry Your Heart Family Session" | Massachusetts Family Photographer

When we decided to start shooting family sessions together we knew exactly what kind of art we wanted to create. We wanted to document moments rather than poses and families who radiate love. 

Michelle has always been such a beautiful supporter to both of us and our wedding business together so we thought it was only fitting that her family be our first "I Carry Your Heart Family Session" with both film and imagery. Well, we could not have been more happy with the how the whole thing played out and the art that was created. 

We want nothing more than to do this together over and over and over again for many more families to come. 


Sarah & Matt | Moraine Farms, Beverly MA Wedding

Sarah and Matt did their wedding well, let us tell you. In fact, they might be onto something. This beautiful couple got married a year ago at the courthouse. However, they wanted to CELEBRATE their marriage in a big way with their son Wesley in tote. So, one year after they were officially married, they said their vows in front of their friends and family and threw one hell of a party.

Without worrying about the formalities and the nerves of actually tying the knot (for the first time), the couple was able to focus on how to make their day as beautiful as possible –– from the dress to the table dressings. It was flawless. 

Wesley wore a bow tie, is there anything more to say? 

So much love to this beautiful couple and their son. May forever not be long enough. 


Marissa & Marc | Gloucester MA | New England Wedding Photographer

It was one of the coldest days of November on Marissa and Marc's wedding day. So cold, in fact, that your fingers went numb the moment they touched the air. Despite the bitter cold and wind, they pushed on and insisted on having some images taken outdoors, we happily agreed, of course. Though none of us could feel our noses by the time we finished shooting that afternoon, we could still feel the warmth of all the love and family around. 

Marissa's dress was unforgettable, the florals were on point, the company was perfection and their late-night sparkler celebration on the beach was one for the books — and we had the best time capturing all the laughter and beauty of the night. 

Here is their day in images...

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Taj & Mike | Martha's Vineyard Wedding | New England Wedding Photographer

We had the pleasure of photographing Taj and Mike's engagement in Boston back in the winter of 2016. It was cold, and urban, and gorgeous which made their warm, sunny May wedding on Martha's Vineyard the perfect contrast. Everything from start to finish was quintessential Cape Cod beauty. A brief and crazy storm came through right as their ceremony began, but that didn't stop the show. There was laughter and a whole bunch of love. This blog post is long overdue, but we are so happy for you, Taj & Mike and know that you will have a beautiful future ahead of you! Thank you for choosing us to capture your beautiful day! 

Oh, and such a fun end to it is that we were all featured on the cover of Martha's Vineyard Island Weddings magazine cover for Winter/Spring 2018! More on that to come! <3 


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Kerry & Bob | New England Wedding Photographer

Kerry and Bob were down to earth, genuinely kind, deeply in love and SO easy to work with. Their  gorgeous fall wedding at Blissful Meadows Golf Course was absolutely breathtaking and we enjoyed capturing their special day so much!  The ceremony was held on the grassy hill overlooking the barn on the green. The reception was held in the most gorgeous post and beam barn open to the green. Kerry had a special mother/daughter dance that we absolutely melted over. Every single detail was thought out and so perfectly executed. We cannot recommend this venue enough! 

And lastly... the antique, classic car was the perfect accent to this rustic wedding. <3

Jessie & Brendan's Lake Winnipesaukee Wedding at Church Landing.

Jessie is one of my very best friend's baby sister and I love her to death. When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I nearly wept with happiness. Being apart of such a beautiful day for such beautiful people was something I will never, ever forget. It is truly humbling to capture memories for people who I love so much and to play (even the tiniest of roles) in capturing these moments for them. I hope that Jessie and Brendan cherish these images for the rest of their lives. 

Their wedding took place at Church Landing in Meredith, NH in one of the most beautiful places of all: Lake Winnipesaukee. And here is their love story in images....


xx Sarah 

Erika and Michael's Fruitlands Museum Wedding | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Rain was in the forecast on Erika and Michael's wedding day at Fruitlands Museum. The sky rumbled and the clouds rolled in during their ceremony. You could feel the air getting thicker and see Erika's hair blowing in the wind. It seemed as though it could pour at any minute. But, then, out of nowhere-- the skies cleared and the sun shined, as the guests watched as Erika and Michael shared the most beautiful, handwritten vows. 

It was a day to remember. At a venue to remember. Surrounded by love that was thicker than the air, louder than the thunder, and brighter than the sun which crept in stronger than the storm. 

Thank you for having us capture these beautiful memories. We are forever grateful to have told your story. 

xx Sarah Driscoll & Elise Meader

despo getting ready B-43.jpg

Karah & Matt's White Mountain Wedding | New England Wedding Photographer

Karah and Matt got married in the quaint little town of Warren, New Hampshire-- amidst the white mountains, in a sweet, cozy home full of charm that rested on a river and could sleep all their guests.  

They ate burgers and dogs, laughed with friends into the night as string lights swayed above their heads, and Karah was chill enough to step into the icy river-- barefoot-- to get some beautiful images.

It was truly a dream wedding-- the kind we so envisioned ourselves shooting when we started this journey. Chock full of real people and moments that are all invested in celebrating good, good love. 

So, thank you to Karah and Matt for allowing us to be apart of your day. And, thank you to Rustic Gatherings Lodge for providing an incredible backdrop to the most comfy of weddings. 

Makeup & done by incredible Michelle Bennett. 

A Wedding at Gibbet Hill, Groton, Massachusetts| Nicki & Tim

Nicki and Tim got married at Gibbet Hill in Groton Massachusetts. The rain poured down, the ground was wet and muddy as we walked through the pastures and strolled passed the silo, but we never heard them complain...not even once. All that mattered was that moment. That day. Their love. A little rain couldn't bring them down. 

They busted out the umbrellas, poured the champagne, and kissed in the grassy fields, leaning in close to stay out of the rain-- laughing with each other the entire time. 

It was absolutely beautiful. 


Eleanor & Mike's Cape Cod Wedding.

Sarah and I had the honor of capturing Eleanor and Mike's beautiful union on the beach in September. Everything from start to finish was perfect --the vibe, the atmosphere, their laid back attitudes. They were both so happy and relaxed and to put it frankly, they were both just enjoying the best day of their lives.
I went to High school with Eleanor and she has always been a classic beauty-- both inside and ou. Her day captured this classic vibe that she embodies.  It was truly amazing to see her exchange vows with the love of her life as Sarah and I captured the first day of the rest of their lives. 

Eleanor and Mike, thank you for sharing your day with us. We hope you cherish these photos forever and we wish you the happiest life together. Cheers to the Rowes!

eleanor wedding-3.jpg
eleanor wedding-15.jpg

Tim & Lauren's Dane Estates Wedding in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

My brother-in-law got married this past weekend at Dane Estates at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and man was it the loveliest of locations. He asked me to document his big day and I gladly obliged with the help of my bestie and partner, Elise. 

Not only did Tim become a husband that day, but he officially became a father to Sofia, although she has called him "Daddy" long before that. It was the perfect way to make their sweet little family official. So without further ado, here are The Driscoll's.....

.....welcome to the family!! 


Jenna & Jesse | Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

When we first decided to open our wedding business and join forces, we had a vision of the kind of wedding we wanted to shoot. We knew we wanted to take beautiful moments and turn them up a notch with perfect light and a vintage feel. 

With that being said, for this wedding, we cannot take all the credit. Jenna and Jesse decked their day with sunflowers, mason jars, string lights, sparklers and burlap all encased by the chippy walls of The White Room in Worcester. 

The day unfolded, the memories were captured, and the world stopped for a moment to celebrate this couple and their love. And all the while, in the midst of it, Elise and I found our wedding-groove and realized that this was the start of something very special. 
Congratulations Jesse and Jenna, we wish you a lifetime of happiness and love<3

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