We (Sarah & Elise) have been photographing weddings together for two years. We've done it all. We've photographed weddings on farms, at golf courses, in restaurants, in the middle of the city to the middle of nowhere. We have worked together to find our voice and our style as wedding photographers and we believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that we have done that. We know what kind of weddings we want to photograph now and what kind of clients are right for us. 

So here's the question: Are we the right photographers for you? Are we the right fit to tell your story? 

We hope so. But let us share with you what makes us tick and you can decide for yourself. 

We love to document weddings that are a little off the beaten path and couples who trust us to capture moments --- real, unraveled, authentic moments. If our couple trusts us to create art on their wedding day, that is when we do our best work. THAT is when we are in our element. The truth of the matter is-- we are not your typical wedding photographers. Honestly, we don't want to be. We want to be so much more than that.

We want to find couples who trust us wholeheartedly and let us observe their day while we capture it all artistically. We are looking to photograph weddings that are honest with couples who are open and not afraid to celebrate their love with every bone in their body.

We are looking for intimacy. And authenticity. String lights. And wind that blows through your lace dress. Laughter. Ridiculous dancing. Real Moments tangled up with real love. Heck, we even love bare feet and bride's who let their hair down. We love to tell stories in images that are messy and imperfect because that's real life. If you trust us, we will create magic just from what we see. 

If you looking to capture MOMENTS and not poses, choose us. 

If you are looking to capture EMOTION without recreating it or forcing it, choose us. 

If you are looking to create ART from your wedding day, we are your girls. 

Let us tell your love story.